A Sneak Peek At a Sneak Peek: Shattered Planet

I am all for science. I am all for swords. Shattered Planet allows me to do both! Watch this sneak peek of a sneak peek.

I first heard about Shattered Planet after exploring the transition from mobile games to PC & console. At first I thought, "Oh, another simple rogue-like strategy game." I was wrong, oh so wrong. I'll be exploring the core of Shattered Planet in more detail over the coming weeks as the PC version begins to take shape, stands along-side its mobile brethren, and moves into full launch this summer.

Having spoken with Tanya X. Short, Creative Director, or more commonly known as the Captain of Kitfox Games, I feel very confident that both she and her team know how to bridge the divide between freemium mobile games and premium PC games.

A few topics we covered for the future:

  • Kitfox Games feel they are on track a F2P demo of Shattered Planet.
  • They are looking into how to add more story, make it a hook of the game along with the strategy.
  • The PC version is not a port, it is created in parallel with the mobile version.
  • Once purchased, Kitfox want to keep paid DLC to a minimum where possible.

All in all I feel good about Shattered Planet. It certainly has some way to go, but Kitfox Games has time on their side. Have you played Shattered Planet on iOS yet?

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Published Mar. 29th 2014

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