Capcom Announces Monster Hunter Rise PC Release Date

Monster Hunter Rise on PC releases soon, and there's a Magnamalo-sized demo on its way too.

Monster Hunter Rise landed on Nintendo Switch to much acclaim earlier this year, and PC fans only have a little longer to wait before they can sample it themselves. As part of its Tokyo Game Show 2021 presentation, Capcom announced the Monster Hunter Rise PC release date is January 12.

The PC version will cost $59.99 and supports uncapped framerates, 4K and ultra-wide support, and high-resolution textures.

Meanwhile, Capcom promised a Monster Hunter Rise PC demo available starting October 13.

The demo includes all 14 weapon types, solo hunts, and online multiplayer hunts, along with training missions for those new to Monster Hunter and Wyvern Riding tutorials. Hunters of all skill levels get access to three hunts: 

  • Beginner — Great Izuchi
  • Intermediate — Mizutsune
  • Advanced — Magnamalo

When the Monster Hunter Rise PC version releases, it'll include all previously released content, such as new event quests and Rise's true ending. Sunbreak, the recently announced Monster Hunter Rise DLC expansion, will release simultaneously on PC and Nintendo Switch in summer 2022.

Whether you're playing the demo or getting ready for next year's big hunts, we've got plenty of Monster Hunter Rise guides to help get you started.


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Published Sep. 30th 2021

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