Looking Back at Greece: Ranking the Original God of War Games

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With the latest God of War released to universal acclaim, I think it's about time to look back at the original series that's entertained fans for the past 12 years.

God of War holds a special place in my heart. The original was one of the very first M-rated games I ever played (at the tender age of 14), and I was hooked by the game's bloody combat, giant monsters, rage-filled protagonist, and tons of nude women (again, I was 14 years old). Looking back, I see God of War as something akin to the death metal craze that swept the 80s.

It wasn't until a bit later -- once I started to appreciate the skill-based combat, dramatic storytelling (and not-so-dramatic stories of some installments), and darker take on Greek mythology -- that I got it.

So I decided to boot up my PS4, subscribe to PlayStation Now, and take a look back at the series that helped define myself as a gamer.

Published Apr. 26th 2018

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