Looking Back at Greece: Ranking the Original God of War Games

5. God of War: Ascension

"Before he was a god, he was a man" was the quote that tried to sell us on God of War: Ascension. In many ways, that stands true, as Ascension was the first game in the series that showed us that even the greatest franchises can let us down.

To this game's credit, Ascension did try to make some changes to the formula, and it was an extremely polished game. The combat was fun, with some changes made for the better (like how Magic worked), and it still had some great set pieces and boss battles.

But while the story did do a better job as a prequel than Chains of Olympus, it lacked any sort of tension or surprise; we knew what was going to happen to all of these characters by the game's end. It also didn't help that some changes, like the reworked Rage meter, were made more for the worse.

It ultimately just didn't really do much to evolve the series, especially after God of War III, making it feel like a game that was made so they could squeeze another title out before the PS4 came out. Ascension is a solid game, but it's one that feels pretty minuscule when compared to the more epic servings we got before.

Oh, and the multiplayer was dull. Did I forget that? Well, so did the rest of the world.

Published Apr. 26th 2018

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