Looking Back at Greece: Ranking the Original God of War Games

2. God of War II

With the original becoming a classic, it's obvious Sony wanted to continue on with a sequel, and boy did they deliver with this sequel, which sees Kratos disobeying the gods and abusing his power before he's betrayed by Zeus and off on another quest for revenge.

God of War II improves upon nearly every aspect of the original, with fewer platforming sequences, improved puzzles, and much more. The combat is the same, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Along with some new additions, like gliding and slowing down time, God of War II also featured great set pieces, tons of boss fights, and outstanding art design, helping to elevate it over the original by a landfall. It made for the perfect game to close out the PS2 era of gaming.

Published Apr. 26th 2018

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