Looking Back at Greece: Ranking the Original God of War Games

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1. God of War III

The last game in the original series (chronologically speaking), God of War III promised us amazing visuals, improved combat, epic boss fights, and a final confrontation with the remaining gods of Olympus. Luckily, God of War III did all of this and more.

Additions like grappling enemies were welcomed, the combat was just as great as ever, and the kills you got bordered on realistic. You really did feel like those creatures were real, and the devs spent a lot of time killing them in every way so they could get every finishing move just right.

Along with all of that were amazing boss fights and excellent pacing, where you never got bored and were basically killing one god after another. Few games can match God of War III's sense of scale and action. This game does all of what God of War games do so well, and that it easily makes it the best game in the series and a must-play action game.


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Published Apr. 26th 2018

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