The 20 best Minecraft PE seeds for building projects (great locations, tons of resources)

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We're getting pretty close to Christmas. That means, for some of us, it's time to lock in our plans for avoiding awkward family small talk through portable gaming. The way it was meant to be.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is perfect for this. Why not dive in and get stuck into an ambitious building project? We've got a bunch of great seeds designed to let you do just that, even in survival mode.

Published Dec. 16th 2015
  • GalaxyPegasus209
    And with the seed:super meat boy, it is also awesome!!!
  • GalaxyPegasus209
    3rd to comment: yeah! I agree to him, TheDestroyer75 good thinking, by the way these seeds are so so so awesome for building and also with the survival mode!!! B->
  • TheDestroyer75
    Add and try also the seed:super meat boy. It is best for creative because it has flat ground but not so much in survival, i think?!?!
  • TheDestroyer75
    Yea!!! First to comment: these seeds are awesome for creative and also with survival but it is much better to compile the seeds into one page so readers can read easily! XD

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