Hearthstone: Best Standard Decks for Scholomance Academy Meta

Tempo Priest (7,980 dust)

Resurrect Priest dominated the meta last season, but with Tempo Priest, there is an even better chance of getting quick wins.

Tempo Priest has a few really nice additions from the Scholomance Academy set that could change the game.

The new Power Word: Feast spell is one of the best buff spells Priest has ever had. With the help of High Abbess Alura, you can cast it for free out of your deck. If you have High Priest Amet on the board already, then you have a double effect, also for free.

With this deck, your board will have so many pumped minions that you won't even need to use resurrect spells. Your minions will be invincible.

Deck code:


Published Aug. 4th 2020

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