Top 5 Best Dark Souls Mods of All Time

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With Dark Souls Remastered on the horizon, a lot of players have been returning to the original Dark Souls to prepare themselves, and for good reason -- the original Dark Souls remains a masterpiece to this day. The game's excellent level design, innovative combat, and challenging nature elevate this game to one of the best RPGs of all time. So if you're planning on returning to Dark Souls as well, here are five mods we've selected to make your return to Lordran an even better experience. Keep in mind that you will need DSfix by Durante to use any of these mods.

Dark Souls Flora Overhaul

The world of Dark Souls is, according to many players, a peak in design from both a technical and an artistic perspective. But after seven years, the graphics certainly are a bit outdated. This is definitely noticeable in the flora of the game. Grass and bushes are very low in resolution, usually composed of two 2D sprites placed on top of each other. The Dark Souls Flora Overhaul by Vurt fixes this and replaces almost every piece of flora in the game with new models and much cleaner textures with higher resolutions. Any lover of nature should use this mod.

Dark Souls Input Customizer

Let's be honest, we all had a moment where we got frustrated by the sometimes clunky controls of Dark Souls. Maybe you wanted to roll but accidentally jumped off a cliff, or perhaps you wanted to do a kick only to find yourself getting parried because you did a regular attack. The Dark Souls Input Customizer by MethanHydrat finally solves these problems. This mod allows you to bind any action to any buttons on your controller, keyboard or mouse. This mod is super easy to use and makes life just a little bit easier and more fun while playing Dark Souls.



Lava Eyesore Fix

Lost Izolith has to be everyone's least favorite non-skippable area in Dark Souls. The area feels rushed and incomplete, and it leaves many things to desire. Luckily, the Lava Eyesore Fix by Ryazard makes this area a bit more bearable by removing the horrible glow the old lava in the area has. This mod is very simple but a must-use whenever you play Dark Souls. Trust me, you will want to use it.

Dark Souls HD Texture Pack

If you're planning on visiting Lordran once more before Dark Souls Remastered, you definitely want to use the Dark Souls HD Texture pack by Toology86. This mod replaces almost every texture in the game. All the textures are handcrafted and are at least double the resolution of the old textures. It truly helps show off the beautiful world FromSoftware managed to create with Dark Souls and makes it shine like it never did before. 



Your very first Dark Souls playthrough is an awesome experience and a fond memory for many people. Dark Souls Prepare to Die Again by FTRichter tries to recreate this experience for veteran players. This mod changes up enemy spawns, item locations, and even adds in some content cut from the game. The best thing about this mod is that it's all done by hand; enemy placements and item locations are put in cleverly and in a calculated way. This mod is the closest thing you can get to a first playthrough and is a must-try for any Dark Souls veteran.

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That wraps up our list for the 5 Best Dark Souls mods of all time. I wish all of you good luck on your travels through Lordran, and may the flames be with you. These mods should make your playthrough as awesome as it gets and help you get everything out of Dark Souls that it has to offer. If you've got a great mod yourself, be sure to share it in the comments below. And as always, stay tuned to GameSkinny for more awesome gaming content.

Published Feb. 26th 2018

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