Gift Guide: Best Gifts for RPG Fans


That's right, to start the list off we are going to delve into perhaps one of the most popular RPG series of all times. A series that is beloved by children and adults alike across a generation or more. And the first item on our list is ...

... a giant Snorlax beanbag chair. As one would expect, this is not particularly cheap, as it will set you back about $149.99 prior to taxes and shipping charges (which GameStop listed as $30). But it's also awesome.

Continuing with the Snorlax theme, we have his pre-evolution: Munchlax. Except in this situation he is actually in lunchbox form. Not only is this little guy adorable, but -- unlike his evolved form-- he won't do nearly as much damage to your wallet since he only costs $19.99. Even better, he is currently on sale for $11.99, which is practically a steal. 



Lastly, I present to you an awesome, if completely novel and useless, Pikachu piggy bank that costs $29.99. Is it useful in any sort of way? Well yes. It holds your coins, or more accurately, snatches the coins you place in front of it and stores them away for you. Does it accomplish anything that a normal box wouldn't? Well, that depends on how much value you place on 200 unique, presumably adorable, Pikachu noises. 

Ultimately, these are merely a few of the thousands of pieces of Pokemon merchandise. When you are one of the world's largest, most child-friendly brands, especially as it pertains to video games, being included here is just an inevitability. 

Published Nov. 13th 2017

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