How to get a Rainbow Six Siege beta code

Ubisoft and IGN's beta code giveaway and sweepstakes is on a deadline. Look alive, soldier!

Before IGN partnered with Ubisoft for their beta code giveaway and sweepstakes, there were only two ways to get into closed beta for upcoming 5v5 shooter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

  1. Pre-order the game.
  2. Donate to the Extra Life charity.

While donating to charity is undeniably awesome, there is currently a very free way of signing up for Rainbow Six Siege beta thanks to IGN—but it’s first come, first serve.

You’re going to have to put the hammer down if you want to pick this sledgehammer up. Playtesting starts on September 24th, and the codes will start being distributed as early as August 25th. It's a sure bet IGN will run out of codes before then.

Aspiring testers can sign up themselves and four friends. And to make the decision that much easier, signing up also automatically enters you in a sweepstakes with a chance to win an Xbox One among other prizes.

If you’re still on the fence about the game, don’t worry. Just find out what the Alpha testers are saying. Then browse through all the Rainbow Six Siege updates on the UbiBlog.

Either way, get clicking. After IGN runs out of its beta code stock, you’ll still be able to pre-order or donate to Extra Life to reserve your code. But why wait? That sledgehammer isn't going to smash enemy walls by itself.

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Published Jun. 15th 2020

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