Gotta Drink 'Em All! Cocktails for #029 Nidoran through #038 Ninetales

#030 Nidorina

The evolved version of the female Nidoran is a very different beast from the original. With an increased muscle mass and a proclivity towards punching problems away, we'll pay tribute to the stronger nature of the Pokemon by augmenting the basic female Nidoran drink with a healthy portion of sweet vermouth.

The vermouth will not only add body to the drink, but its sweet, dark taste perfectly compliments the tart nature of the blackberries, creating a surprisingly sophisticated flavor profile.


In a rocks glass, muddle a handful of blackberries. Add ice, 1.5 oz vodka, and .75oz sweet vermouth. Cover with soda and stir.

Published Jun. 9th 2016

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