Brutus the Bulldog and 10 Other Strange Animal Crossing Legends

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Animal Crossing's premise is simple: live your life however you want in a village full of talking animals. However, like with most villages, this one has its fair share of myths and legends, some bizarre, others that might make you think twice about booting up -- or resetting -- this old Gamecube game again.

Like all good legends, many of those surrounding Animal Crossing have a grain of truth in them, be it rooted in mythology or the germs of ideas that developed into features later in the series. Then there are those that grow and develop in fan communities and still have a life of their own, refusing to be disproved despite the fact that the game is almost two decades old. 

Let's start by introducing you to one of the most feared creatures in Animal Crossing legends.

Published Aug. 22nd 2017

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