Rocket League eSports is Officially Expanding

Psyonix, developer of Rocket League, announced today that they are funding a series of semi-pro, amateur, and collegiate partnerships to increase Rocket League's foothold in eSports/

Psyonix announced today that they are partnering with the Electronic Sports League (ESL), Rocket League Central (RLC), and the American Video Game League (AVGL), to strengthen the eSports initiative in the Rocket League semi-professional, amateur, and collegiate scenes.

To do this, Psyonix is contributing a prize pool of over $30,000 in money and scholarships between the three leagues. Luke Thompson, competitive and events manager at Psyonix, elaborated by saying:

"With more than $30,000 in prize pools and scholarships, Rocket League players will now have a place to compete and develop their talent, regardless of their experience or skills."

This investment into eSports is exciting, because Rocket League players will now have a much clearer path towards developing their skill while competing for meaningful prizes at the same time. These newly formed amateur, collegiate, and semi-professional leagues are absolutely essential for any eSport to develop talent and survive. I'm sure that these leagues will indirectly contribute to improving competition at the highest level (the RLCS) as a result. 

Rocket League's newly created leagues will begin this April. Stay tuned for more details!


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Published Mar. 31st 2016

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