World of Tanks Announces Tank Football 2016

Warfare-based MMO World of Tanks will launch its Tank Football 2016 in-game event on June 10.

When one thinks about an MMO dedicated to wars of the 20th century, one might not consider football (or soccer, for American players) to be a vital component. Apparently, Wargaming, the developer of World of Tanks, disagrees. The studio announced today that Tank Football 2016, a "special in-game event" focusing on one of the world's most popular sports, will debut on June 10.

The event will last nearly a month and will consist of 3 vs. 3 football/soccer games, lasting seven minutes apiece.

Sounds simple, right? Well, things get complicated with the inclusion of the tanks, and by extension, their guns. Players must use the tanks' guns to maneuver balls around fields and into their opponents' nets.

The event's contests avoid all-out tank warfare, as tanks cannot damage or destroy one another during games. They can, however, shoot the tracks of opposing tanks and immobilize them through ramming. Players can also activate a "football consumable-Turbocharger" to increase the speeds of their vehicles.

Tank Football 2016 features three different stadiums, as well as battle missions that can be played solo or with up to three teammates. In addition, a tank football tournament will take place, with prizes including one year of Premium Account time and portions of a $5,000 pool.

Interested gamers can find more information about Tank Football 2016 via the World of Tanks official website.


Published May. 31st 2016

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