Pathologic Kickstarter Wants to Update and Remaster the Psychological Survival Title

Ice-Pick Lodge asks us to help them remake Pathologic with the help of Kickstarter.

Indie game company, Ice-Pick Lodge wants to remaster their psychological horror/survival game, and they once again ask the gamers to lend them a hand on Kickstarter.

Ice-Pick Lodge developed their award winning title, Pathologic, in 2005. The game covered the idea of a small town being overrun by a deadly plague and you are in charge of ridding the town of the sickness. Well received in Russia, where the games developer is from, it became a cult classic here in the States.

While the game was loved in one form or another, the Indie developer is “glad that gaming has embraced survival” and with this new surge of interest they are ready to “help the industry make the next step, fully exploring the potential of survival.”

No strangers to the crowd-funding movement known as Kickstarter, Ice-Pick has set forth the task to the gamers to help them build up the cash in order to recreate the game, so to speak. The updates to Pathologic are that of: extending their levels, adding in more dialogue options, and adding in some new interactive sequences. The game will also update the graphics engine and with it being set to release on the PS4 and Xbox One if it reaches goal, that means a huge graphical overhaul. 

The developer knows the new features will cost a pretty penny, and they have set out some standard and some exclusive pledge rewards. This way you know that your investment is going to pay off in the end, besides the game being made of course.

It’s good to see that crowd-funding has come so far and that gamers really have piled on support for indie game studios who make/remake games like Pathologic. For more information on the update or to pledge your own small chunk of change to Ice-Pick Lodge, visit their Kickstarter page here. 


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Published Oct. 10th 2014

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