10 Weird Games Every Android User Should Play

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Every now and then, a video game so bizarre is released that it simply turns heads as soon as someone plays it in front of you. Developers know what people want to see and what will capture their attention, so they try to implement the weirdest features, characters, art-styles, and gameplay possible.

The following ten games are all for Android systems and are guaranteed to amaze and weird you out. 

Cat Evolution: Alpaca Zombie!

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Cat Evolution: Alpaca Zombie! is probably one of the single most bizarre games I have come across on mobile devices. The player takes on the role of an unknown watcher, clicking on mice and playing with the feline friend as it evolves into ever more gruesome incarnations.

The game is an incredibly simply point-and-click-style venture, but the developers managed to toss in some background story and lore that should make you scratch your head in wonder.

Troll Face Quest Classic

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Troll Face Quest Classic should appease anyone who spends more time on the Internet than your doctor would safely recommend. The game is deeply rooted in internet culture, complete with memes and all.

The game takes the player on a trip with silly challenges that end in hilarious outcomes, more often than not. There is no logic required, which makes the entire adventure really easy to get into.

Crazy Doctor

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Crazy Doctor is a tad-bit like Surgeon Simulator, but on your Android device and with far more wacky adventures and less troublesome controls. The player will take on the role of a budding surgeon intern and make their way up to a renowned, seasoned doctor.

The gameplay is pretty hilarious, with most of the focus being on removing such items that one would find in a construction site, not in a doctor's office.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

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Robot Unicorn Attack 2, which anyone who watches Cartoon Network should know of by now, is an odd running game with a glowing white unicorn as the main playable character.

In the sequel to the first game, which had the same name minus the two, players can customize and upgrade their unicorns as they play more and more.

Cartoon Wars 3

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Cartoon Wars 3 is a strategy game on smartphones and tablets that offers quite a bit of replay value. You, as the commander of your own army, must customize and boost your very own stick units to tackle a wide variety of monsters.

Every single battle you take part in is a fun show to watch and control. The cartoon antics and combat are interesting and rarely, if ever, boring.

Hopeless: The Dark Cave

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Hopeless: The Dark Cave is probably the most adorable horror game you will find on Android systems. The entire premise is based around a group of blobs that glow in the dark. They are armed and incredibly scared of what is lurking within those shadows.

The game is completely free-to-play, and you will be required to shoot as many monsters as possible. It is good fun with a bizarre twist.

Tofu Hunter

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Tofu Hunter, another game from Adult Swim, tasks the player with shooting pieces of tofu straight in the face. You are the only force capable of stopping the menacing tofu plague. You can never stop shooting, you should never turn your back on their gaze, and never, ever let them get the best of you.

The odd game boasts a wide variety of environments, including jungles and woods. You can even unlock special weapons, such as crossbows and grenade launchers, to aid in your ever-loving attack on the tofu plague.

Angry Jew

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Angry Jew may be a tad bit racist - in fact it is probably full-on racist at this point - as it is the only game with a distinct Jewish setting, character, and story-line on the Android market.

Players take on the role of Mendel, an Orthodox Jew, on his quest to obtain as many holy books as humanly possible. The game is basically a non-stop running experience with a bit of fist-based combat thrown in for good measure.

The Chub

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The Chub, besides having a bizarre name, is a pretty odd product. The trailer alone is pretty dang weird.

You, as the Chub, will delve your way into the depths of Hell and break into their kitchen to consume all the food possible. Of course, for doing so, you will be punished in extreme ways. To control your large character, you will tilt your device in various directions, which is pretty cool.


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Hugby is a pretty original game, if you ask me. Two players must use a single device in order to compete against one another. Your goal is to bring the ball to the opposite end of the large, green field, much like in football. Instead of being injured, however, when two teddy bears come into contact with each other, they simply hug and offer the ball to the opposite team.

It is cute, and yet oddly disturbing all at the same time.

These are just ten of the weird games available on Android stores. 

It's up to you to choose which one is the most bizarre, though! After playing a few of them, we'd love to hear your input of which one takes the top spot for weirdest Android game!

Published May. 18th 2016

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