Apex Legends' Lifeline is in for a Change, According to Respawn

Original Apex Legends' hero Lifeline will be undergoing some changes in the new update, tweaking their passive and ultimate abilities.

Lifeline, one of the original roster members for Respawn's Apex Legends, will be getting a few changes in the game's next update as revealed from a Reddit AMA with developers. 

The changes will reportedly attempt to re-balance Lifeline, first by removing the ability for Lifeline's drone to drop a shield while reviving downed enemies. Other tweaks and changes will look to up Lifeline's tactical healing speed by 60% and buff Lifeline's ultimate to guarantee upgrades every time. 

The trade-off of speed and agility for a strong passive ability is an interesting one, and it will force many Lifeline players (myself included) to use their hero in new ways. 

More changes are on the horizon, though, for Apex Legends, with the start of Season 9 beginning to loom over the curtain of Season 8. Lifeline's alterations may just be the least effectual change to the game, as recent rumors have suggested that Titans could be a new addition to Apex Legends gameplay. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more. 


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Published Apr. 12th 2021

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