Yo-Kai Watch Guide: List of Yo-Kai from the Crank-a-kai

Check this guide out for all the Yo-Kai you can get from Crank-a-kai!

Yo-Kai Watch has many bonus features you can do outside of battle. One of these is using the Crank-a-kai to get Yo-Kai or items. There are many different coins and you can only do it 3 times a day. You can also use plat coins, which you get from walking around with your 3DS.

I'll go over the basics of Crank-a-kai, Yo-Kai you can possibly get with each coin, and what rank they are. Check out my Attitude guide for help finding the best for your newly acquired Yo-Kai.

This guide will go over the Crank-a-kai feature including:

  • Crank-a-kai Basics - Where it is and how to use it.
  • Yo-Kai List - All the Yo-Kai you can get from the Crank-a-kai and what coins you get them from.

Crank-a-kai Basics

The Crank-a-kai is located in Mount Wildwood behind the shrine, where you met Whisper at the beginning of the game. You can get different colored coins from completing quests or using the Yo-Kai cam feature.

These colors determine what Yo-Kai you can get. You can also get items from these coins and some coins are more likely to give items than Yo-Kai.

You can only use this 3 times a day and it resets at 6:00 a.m. every day. This is based on your 3DS' internal clock. You can change the clock to use as many coins as you want.

Yo-Kai Watch Crank-a-kai location

Yo-Kai List

I'll separate the Yo-Kai into the color of their coins. The coin colors indicate what Tribe your Yo-Kai will be from. For example, Red coins give Brave Yo-Kai

The order of what you'll get from each coin is set when you start the game. So if you save before using a coin, or wait a day, you'll get the same thing every time. If there is a Yo-Kai you want from a coin, just keep using them until you get it.

  • Mysterious - Technique increase.
  • Tough - Defense increase.
  • Charming - Speed increase.
  • Heartful - Healing moves.
  • Brave - Attack increase.
  • Shady - Change status effects and absorb HP.
  • Eerie - Inspirit chance increase.
  • Slippery - Harder to inspirit.

The ranks determine the overall strength of the Yo-Kai. Higher ranks have better overall stats, with S being the highest.

Orange: Tough

  • Noway - E Rank
  • Ledballoon - D Rank
  • Mad Mountain - C Rank
  • Badude - B Rank
  • Darumacho - B Rank
  • Bruff - A Rank
  • Walldin - A Rank
  • Goldenyan - S Rank

Yellow: Mysterious

  • Snotsolong - E Rank
  • Signibble - D Rank
  • Q'wit - C Rank
  • Espy- B Rank
  • Alloo - B Rank
  • Signiton - A Rank
  • Casanono - A Rank
  • Frostail - S Rank

Pink: Charming

  • Pupsicle - E Rank
  • Komajiro - D Rank
  • Shmoopie - C Rank
  • Cadable - C Rank
  • Skelebella - B Rank
  • Singcada- B Rank
  • Supyo - A Rank
  • Damona - S Rank

Purple: Eerie

  • Manjimutt - E Rank
  • Peckpocket - D Rank
  • Nagatha - C Rank
  • Grumples B Rank
  • Multimutt - B Rank
  • Cuttincheez - A Rank
  • Sir Berus - A Rank
  • Eterna - S Rank

Green: Heartful

  • Hungramps - E Rank
  • Lodo - D Rank
  • Happierre - C Rank
  • Hungorge - B Rank
  • Ol' Fortune - B Rank
  • Dubbles - A Rank
  • Reversette - A Rank
  • Auntie Heart - S Rank

Red Coin: Brave

Yo-Kai Watch red coin

  • Pandle - E Rank
  • Mochismo - D Rank
  • Chansin - C Rank
  • Benkei - B Rank
  • Slacka-slash - B Rank
  • Siro - A Rank
  • Kapunki - A Rank
  • Cruncha - S Rank

Blue: Shady

  • Negatibuzz - E Rank
  • Mynimo - D Rank
  • Tengloom - C Rank
  • Contrarioni- B Rank
  • Agon - B Rank
  • Nul - A Rank
  • Scritchy - A Rank
  • Count Cavity - S Rank

Light Blue: Slippery

  • Fishpicable - D Rank
  • Heheheel - D Rank
  • Chummer - C Rank
  • Rageon - B Rank
  • Cynake - B Rank
  • Slitheref - A Rank
  • Tunatic - A Rank
  • Shadow Venoct - S Rank

Special: All the previous S Rank Yo-Kai, plus a few special B rank

  • Rhinoggin - B Rank
  • Sushiyama - B Rank
  • Frostina - B Rank
  • Cruncha - S Rank
  • Goldenyan - S Rank
  • Frostail - S Rank
  • Damona - S Rank
  • Eterna - S Rank
  • Auntie Heart - S Rank
  • Count Cavity - S Rank
  • Shadow Venoct - S Rank

Excitement: Some Yo-Kai only come from this coin

  • Jibanyan - D Rank
  • Daiz - C Rank
  • Skelebella - B Rank
  • Confuze - B Rank
  • Nul - A Rank
  • Negasus - A Rank
  • Neighfarious - A Rank

Play Coins: 10 Play coins = 1 turn

  • Sir Berus - A Rank
  • Tunatic - A Rank
  • Pookivil - A Rank
  • Robonyan - A Rank

That's it for the Crank-a-Kai Yo-Kai list. Don't forget to check the Beginner guide for more help, and let me know if you have any questions!

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