Rocket League Makes $110 Million Sales, cumulatively

Car-Soccer Rocket League makes over $110 sales with over 5 million units sold.

Rocket League, known as one of the most successful indie games from 2015, has earned $110 million with over 5 million units sold across all platforms. Considering the fact that the sales were $70 million last December, it has grown more than 36% in less then a year.

In April, the number of daily active users was 5 million, which consisted of 42% PS4, 36% PC, 22% Xbox One. Rocket League was free for people who had PS Plus for limited time, and this is the assumed reason why many players are playing Rocket League with PS4. PC, which has less percentage of players compared to PS4, has contributed the most to total sales because it was only sold as a paid game. 22% on Xbox One is still an impressive count because Rocket League wasn't even on sale until February of this year, which is 6 months later than other platforms.

For those who don't know, Rocket League is a soccer game that players get to play the sports with rocket attached remote control cars, and was developed with $2 million dollars.


Published Jun. 2nd 2016

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