Nonstop Dark Humor and Bloody Fun: Splatterhouse Review

This is what happens when Mortal Kombat, Friday the 13th, and the Evil Dead all have a baby together. Just plain EPIC!

From the original 1988 horror game published by Namco, comes the extremely intense bloodbath remake for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The new version is absolutely twisted with clever and witty dark humor, plus contains a completely entertaining story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


The main plot of the story begins with your main character Rick and his girlfriend Jen. They are making a visit to have an interview with Dr. Henry West at his old mansion. All is well until the couple are attacked by the Dr. West's evil demons and kidnaps Jen. Leaving Rick wounded on the ground to bleed out, during the last minutes of his life a voice calls out to him. It is the Terror Mask contacting him, telling him that he can save himself and rescue the girl. The only way is for him to put on the mask. Without much thought from the probable blood loss, Rick slips it on and seconds later becomes a bulk beast that can survive on other's blood. Then the plan is to go on a chase for Dr. West and save Jen. On the way, the Terror Mask tries to convince Rick that he was always a natural-born killer, that it was in his blood.

Then, you find some disturbing monsters to kill and enter grisly worlds. 


The gameplay is very simplistic, made with Gamebryo engine, the same engine used to make Oblivion, Fallout New Vegas, and the Epic Mickey series. This is a very straightforward game to people who are used to the beat-it-up genre. The actual sum of what you can do is use hardcore special moves to finish off your enemies, follow trails of personal pictures of Jen, and upgrade you character to have more nifty powers. You are also able to find a deadly plethera of weapons like shotguns, bats, cleavers, and 12x12 foot long gated pieces of wood with nails in it.

What Makes It Good? To like this game, you probably have to have a dirty mind, dark humor, don't mind the blood, aren't all in it for just the gameplay, but enjoy more of the dialogue and story. It also has swift fighting skills, lots of demon fatalities, and I enjoyed the story more than the gameplay. It's not because the gameplay wasn't good, it was most enjoyable for everything. It leaves you with one of those cliffhanger moments and that is a problem with me. Generally to me, the game is fine and worth buying. I believe everyone who has one of these loves for games, should definitely try this out sometime. 

Our Rating
This is what happens when Mortal Kombat, Friday the 13th, and the Evil Dead all have a baby together. Just plain EPIC!


Published Dec. 17th 2013
  • Big Chief 1
    Featured Correspondent
    Hey, you should write some more reviews! I really enjoy editing and reading them. I'll have to get Splatterhouse for my Xbox 360; it looks awesome.
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    Yup that's all me. Dirty mind, ridiculously dark humor, and gimme the blood!!!! This game is crazy awesome. I still need to finish it. grrr

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