Bloomberg Report Says New Switch Model Could Release by Holiday 2021

A new Bloomberg report says a Switch with an improved screen could be set for a holiday 2021 release, but in limited numbers.

Nintendo could begin manufacturing a new Switch model this summer, a recent report from Bloomberg's Takashi Mochizuki says. This new Switch would target 720p resolution in handheld mode and replace the LCD screen with a 7-inch OLED screen from Samsung. Docked mode would support 4K.

Mochizuki received his information from sources familiar with Nintendo's plans, and they naturally wished to remain anonymous.

The report says Samsung may begin screen manufacturing as early as June, with full assembly starting in July. The goal is having the new Switch model ready by the holiday season, though Mochizuki's sources said the initial manufacturing target is under one million console units.

The OLED screen is key to the new Switch and would improve visual quality and potentially increase response time, Display Supply Chain Consultant Co-Founder Yoshio Tamura said. It would also improve battery life.

The rumored Switch's 4K support comes reportedly at developers' behest, who Mochizuki said have complained recently about the challenges of adapting games to suit handheld mode and docked mode.

Bloomberg's Switch report made no mention of what processor the new Switch might use.

While these are, of course, only rumors until Nintendo confirms otherwise, it's worth noting they line up with reports and predictions that came through in 2020 of a 4K Switch with improved components. Stay tuned for more. 

[Source: Bloomberg]


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Published Mar. 4th 2021

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