The National Videogame Museum is open to the public

National Videogame Museum grand opening April 2nd.

The National Videogame museum opened its doors to the public on April 2 in Frisco, Texas. Offering a hands-on experience to visitors, the museum was founded by gamers John Hardie, Sean Kelly, and Joe Santulli. 

We've been archiving the history of the video game industry since about 1988, 1989. Together between the three of us, we have by far the largest collection of video game software, hardware, memorabilia and documentation in the world.”said Sean Kelly

In the past, there have been exhibits of video games in other museums such as the Smithsonian. But, never has there been a whole museum in the United States dedicated to it.

We were surprised there are national game museums in other countries. But our country, where it was all born, doesn’t [have them],” said Joe Santulli

The museum is not meant to be a place where you stand and read all day. They have a retro arcade and giant Pong game that gamers are allowed to play.

The National Videogame Museum allows gamers to relive those first moments and take trips down memory lane. More information on the museum can be found on their website.

Published Apr. 3rd 2016

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