Gift Guide: Best Gifts for World of Warcraft Fans

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Merry Christmas, Azeroth! Christmas time is closing in, so it's time to start shopping. We know that it can be hard shopping for gamers, especially for people who aren't all that interested in games themselves. Not to worry though, we've come up with some great ideas for World of Warcraft themed gifts.


Custom 3D World of Warcraft Figures

Price: $129.99

Buy it on: FigurePrint

While it's not uncommon for players to have multiple playable characters, everyone always has a favorite. And they'll spend weeks getting together all the best-looking armor and weapons to make that character look as incredible as possible. If you're looking for a great gift for a World of Warcraft player, then think about immortalizing their favorite character as a 3D miniature. With just a few pieces of information, sites like FigurePrint can take a snapshot of a character and turn it into a 3D replica of that character. 

Peripheral Devices 

Price: $100+

Buy it on: Amazon

For a lot of players, the peripherals they use are just as important as anything in the game. If you're looking for a truly practical gift for the World of Warcraft player in your life, picking up a new keyboard, mouse, or headset could be an excellent option. There are a ton of options when looking at peripherals, and a lot of it boils down to the gamer's personal preference, but if you can figure out what they're looking for then you're in the clear. Once you pick something out you can start looking at getting some World of Warcraft designs added to it.


Aesthetics and Mounts

Price: $25

Buy it on: Blizzard Store

In massive multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, mounts and certain aesthetics can act like status symbols. They show other players that you've put in the time and the money to get the most impressive stuff. Mounts especially are a great gift, since they have practical use, helping players get from place to place a bit faster. If you're looking for a good gift for a World of Warcraft player, head over to the Blizzard store and look at some of the items available as in-game gifts. 

Subscription Continuation and Game Services

Price: $10+

Buy it on: Blizzard Store

If you're not sure what World of Warcraft swag to get, you can always head to the Blizzard Store and grab some in-game rewards. When players have put in hundreds of hours of gameplay on characters, sometimes they want to just skip all the effort and jump to the end of the game. For players that are looking to skip ahead there are level boosts that will bring you all the way to the maximum level. Alternatively, since World of Warcraft requires a monthly subscription, you can always purchase an extra month of play time.


Stuffed Animals

Price: $10+

Buy it on: Blizzard Store

If your World of Warcraft player is a fan of plushies, there are plenty of options, modeled after various animals from the World of Warcraft games such as Murlocs (a kind of cross between a frog and a fish), Dragons, and even the different pets that players can tame. Since there are a ton of plushies modeled after pets, they're a great gift for any player that enjoys playing as the "Hunter" class. While the Blizzard Store has a lot of options for stuffed animals, it wouldn't hurt to check out some other websites and look for some more personalized plushies. 

World of Warcraft Media

Price:  $10+

Buy it on: Amazon

World of Warcraft is filled with a rich in-game history, and many players are incredibly fond of the stories and characters involved. There are a ton of books written by various authors, and more recently, a movie. These alternate forms of media delve into some of the events of the world, often filling in gaps that the game might have skipped over. If you've got a lore hound player in your life, you might consider picking up one of the many World of Warcraft books. 


World of Warcraft Trading Card Game

Price: $10+

Buy it on: Amazon

No gamer sticks to just one game forever. If the World of Warcraft player in your life is looking to branch out, but doesn't want to stray too far from their favorite MMO, you might want to consider getting them a deck of World of Warcraft trading cards. A separate game from the well-known MMO, the World of Warcraft trading card game features many of the same characters and creatures giving a familiar feel to a whole new game. 


Price: $15+

Buy it on: Blizzard Store

World of Warcraft themed clothing makes a great gift option, with plenty of different styles and designs to choose from. I know, younger players don't tend to enjoy receiving clothes as gifts, but if you plaster their favorite World of Warcraft insignia across the front of a hoodie, they'll love it forever.  You can find a lot of great options for World of Warcraft clothes on the Blizzard Store. In addition, there are a ton of great choices across the internet, even handmade items like scarves and hats on websites like Etsy.



Price: $10+

Buy it on: Blizzard Store

If you're looking for something a little smaller you can always aim for World of Warcraft accessories. The Blizzard Store has got some awesome key chains with the different faction logos, as well phone cases decorated with World of Warcraft artwork. If you can't find anything on the Blizzard Store, then you should check out websites like Etsy or Amazon, where you can often find handmade items or even contact someone directly for a personalized World of Warcraft accessory.

Fine Art

Price: $20+

Buy it on: Blizzard Store

Finally, if you're looking for some nice decorations for the house, the Blizzard Store offers posters and canvases with amazing World of Warcraft art for each expansion. If the Blizzard Store doesn't quite have what you're looking for, then you can always find a freelance artist to create something unique on commission. For the player that wants to plaster the walls with their obsessions, there is an untold number of paintings to be found for World of Warcraft. 

Hopefully, this list of World of Warcraft themed gifts will make it a bit easier to shop for any gamers you know. There's a ton of World of Warcraft paraphernalia out there, so let us know in the comments if you've come across any other awesome WoW gifts.

Published Nov. 15th 2017



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