Monster Hunter: World Iceborne 15.10 Removes Event Quest Time Limits

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne's 15.10 update brings almost every timed event quest back sans the limit and adds some much-needed balance to the Safi'jiiva Siege.

Capcom is unlocking almost all of Monster Hunter: World's event quests in MH: World Iceborne's 15.10 update in December, the developer announced on Twitter. The 15.10 update also puts Astera and Seliana Fests on a two-week rotation and adjusts the Safi'jiiva Siege.

Putting the two Fests on rotation means everyone gets a chance at unique gear sets and items previously limited to just a few weeks every year.

The same goes for event quests. Capcom added these in most Monster Hunter: World updates, but they usually lasted a week or two at most before disappearing. Capcom didn't mention which quests won't be included yet.

Tweaks to the Safi'jiiva Siege make it possible to take down the monster solo, following fan feedback about how brutal the Siege difficulty was. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Monster Hunter news as it develops


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Published Nov. 6th 2020

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