Sid Meier Announces New Starships Strategy Game Crossover

Another chapter in the Civilization series coming soon.

Firaxis and 2K games has released an announcement trailer for a follow-up to Civilization: Beyond Earth.

The game takes place centuries after the events of Beyond Earth, after human civilization has created a new, peaceful society on another planet. After a signal from another human colony is found, events are set in motion for strategy on a galactic scale.

You will build and control a fleet of starships while trying to explore and expand your influence among the stars with customizable ships and turn-based combat. Even the missions will have randomly generated elements to improve the games replayability. The game uses a similar 2D map as previous Civilization games, but it is filled with planets and a star scape instead. Sid Meier described the purpose of the game,

What happens after we colonize our new home and eventually build starships to take to the stars? What has become of our long-lost brothers and sisters from planet Earth?

Starships will allow you to connect to your old Beyond Earth games if you own both. The specifics of the cross-over content hasn't been revealed, but it promises to "enhance and expand upon both game experiences."

Starships is set to release in the spring of 2015 for digital download on Windows PCs, Mac, and on iPad with no price announced at this time.


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Published Jan. 19th 2015

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