6 Batsuits we'd love to see in The Arkham Knight

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It takes a very specific kind of man to go swinging haphazardly about the skyline of Gotham City in the dead of night wearing skin-tight spandex and his panties on the outside yet STILL manage to be intimidating.

That man is the Batman.

He may be scowling nearly perpetually and speaking in a gravelly voice, but don't let that fool you, our caped crusader is something of a fashionista – he boasts a wardrobe so chocked to the brim of various bat-suits it'd make any High Schoolgirl blush with envy.

The Arkham Games have made a great point of including some of the more iconic of these suits among the available attire in their past games – but what haven't we seen yet that we'd like the deceptively extravagant crime-fighter to don in his constant vigil against crime that we'd love to appear in the newly released Arkham Knight over the course of its shelf-life?

Published Jun. 24th 2015

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