Mortal Kombat X Guide: How to do Every Character's Fatalities

Check this list for every fatality currently available in Mortal Kombat X!

Fatalities are a huge part of Mortal Kombat X. Since the series began, they have given the games the Mature rating with over the top kills after the match is over.

You start with the first fatality for every character unlocked, and you can unlock the rest by using the Krypt. You can still do a fatality even if you don't have it unlocked, as long as you know the button inputs. That's what this guide is for, letting you know every fatality available without using the Krypt.

For anything else related to Mortal Kombat X, please check out my Beginner's Guide.

This guide will cover all the fatalities in Mortal Kombat X including:

  • Fatality List - Each fatality, separated by character.
  • Button inputs - How to perform each fatality, including the distance needed to perform them.

Fatality List

Note: The distance in () is the distance you need to be from your opponent to do the fatality.


  • FP = Front Punch
  • BP = Back Punch
  • FK = Front Kick
  • BK = Back Kick

Cassie Cage

  • Bubble Head (Mid) - Forward, Down, Back, Forward, FP
  • Selfie (Close) - Down, Forward, Down, Back, BK


  • Bug Me (Mid) - Back, Forward, Back, FK
  • Heart Broken (Close) - Forward, Back, Forward, BP


  • Inner Workings (Mid) - Down, Up, Back
  • Head Out (Mid) - Forward, Down, Down, Up

Erron Black

  • Sand Storm (Mid) - Down, Back, Forward, Down, FP
  • Six-Shooter (Far) - Back, Forward, Back, Forward, BP


  • Better Than One (Close) - Forward, Back, Forward, Back, FK
  • Play Time (Mid) - Down, Back, Forward, Back, Back


  • Peek-A-Boo (Close) - Back, Forward, Down, BK
  • Shokan Amputation (Close) - Back, Down, Down, Up

Jacqui Briggs

  • Blown Out (Close) - Back, Forward, Back, Forward, BP
  • Fist Bump (Close) - Forward, Down, Back, BK


  • T-Wrecks (Close) - Forward, Back, Down, BP
  • Jax The Ripper (Close) - Down, Back, Forward, Forward

Johnny Cage

  • Here's Johnny (Close) - Back, Forward, Back, Forward, FP
  • Little Improv (Mid) - Forward, Back, Forward, Forward


  • Head Case (Close) - Down, Forward, Down, Back, FK
  • Knife To Meet You (Far) - Down, Down, Forward, FP


  • Tele-Copter (Far) - Back, Forward, Back, Back
  • My Puppet (Far) - Forward, Down, Back, Up


  • Dark Fan-Tasy (Mid) - Down, Forward, Back, Forward, BP
  • Splitting Hairs (Mid) - Back, Forward, Down, Down

Kotal Kahn

  • Be Mine! (Close) - Down, Back, Forward, FP
  • Tight Squeeze (Close) - Forward, Back, Forward, Back, BP

Kung Jin

  • Target Practice (Close) - Down, Forward, Down, Back, BP
  • Pinned Down (Mid) - Forward, Back, Down, Down, FP

Kung Lao

  • Face Grind (Close) - Down, Back, Down, Forward, BK
  • Flower Pot (Close) - Down, Forward, Down, Back, FP

Liu Kang

  • Sore Throat (Close) - Down, Down, Back, Forward, Forward
  • Splitter (Close) - Back, Forward, Down, Up


  • Face Feast (Close) - Down, Back, Down, Back, FK
  • Tasty Treat (Close) - Forward, Back, Forward, Back, BP

Quan Chi

  • Mind Game (Far) - Forward, Back, Forward, Back, BK
  • Both Ends (Close) - Down, Forward, Back, Forward, BP


  • Bug Eyes (Close) - Forward, Back, Forward, FP
  • Conducting Rod (Far) - Down, Forward, Back, Forward, BK


  • Bad Breath (Close) - Down, Forward, Down, Forward, BK
  • Acid Bath (Close) - Down, Down, Back, Forward, FP


  • Stop Ahead (Mid) - Down, Back, Forward, BP
  • Who's Next! (Mid) - Down, Back, Forward, Up


  • The Grinder (Mid) - Down, Back, Forward, Down, Up
  • Flick Trick (Mid) - Down, Up, Down, Up, Block

Sonya Blade

  • Target Marked (Close) - Down, Down, Back, Forward, Block
  • Head Hunter (Mid) - Forward, Back, Down, Back, BP


  • Chest Kold (Close) - Back, Forward, Down, Back, BK
  • Bed of Ice (Close) - Down, Back, Down, Forward, BK


  • Whip It Good (Mid) - Down, Forward, Down, Back, BP
  • Head Cage (Mid) - Forward, Back, Down, Down, FP

This wraps up the Fatality List for every character in Mortal Kombat X. Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions or suggestions.

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Published Apr. 15th 2015

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