Star Wars Battlefront gets special edition PS4 and controller

A special edition PS4, controller and retro games are made available to celebrate arrival of Star Wars Battlefront...

With Star Wars Battlefront arriving on consoles at the end of the year, a special edition PS4 bundle has been designed to commemorate the rebooted franchise. It joins a growing list of specially themed PS4s such as the silver Arkham City effort and the shiny red Metal Gear Solid 5.

However, when it comes to creativity, this latest offering smacks as slightly lazy and confusing. The 1TB PS4 itself is etched with Darth Vader's face across it, which is arguably the most unoriginal concept the designers could have gone with. Of course, it is clearly linked to the Star Wars franchise, but it feels like it scrapes the bottom of the barrel in terms of ideas. I imagine if they were to do a special Xbox One edition the design would be a green Yoda design.

Along with this gaunt attempt at a special edition design is a dualshock controller is high gloss model with blue, red and white buttons dispersed to match the buttons on Darth Vader's suit. It does match them well, but it looks bizarre as a standalone controller, with the colors mixed up in a confusing theme.

However, outside of the polarizing design are some features that would attract the ardent Star Wars fan to this unique console. It includes four retro Star Wars games that have been remastered and now have trophies to unlock. These are Super Star Wars (SNES, 1992), Star Wars: Racer Revenge (PS2, 2002), Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter (PS2, 2002) and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (PS2, 2002).

While the previous two are alien to me, I remember sinking many hours into both Jedi Starfighter and Bounty Hunter years ago, with both games having interesting mechanics and stories. Both were well-received by critics, and they make this bundle especially tempting for devotees of the Star Wars universe.

When the game is released on November 17th, both Star Wars Battlefront and Disney Infinity 3.0 will get Force-related bundles. The former will include a copy of the game, the special edition PS4, and the four retro games. Furthermore, the console will also be available for purchase on its own, with the four retro games in tow. Prices have yet to be revealed.

Will this awaken the Force in your wallet later in the year? Leave a comment below.


Published Feb. 1st 2018

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