ESO All-Stars Episode Two June 21st!

Still got questions about the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online? We've got answers!

Elder Scrolls Online is coming, fast. There are still a lot of questions out there, and we aim to clear it all up for you!  We are bringing together a round table of "Elder Scrolls Online Allstars".  Your knights of this round table will be; myself, Mark Taylor (Lord Hammer) from Guild Umbra, Josh and Kyle from ShoddyCast, Andrew (Atropos) from Tamriel Foundry, Evarwyn and Joe "The Wiget" Wilson from Elder Scrolls Off the Record, and finally our "expert" Jesse Cox.

Comment below your questions and maybe we can get to them!  This is going to be episode two and we plan to continue, so if we don't get to your questions this episode we'll get to them next time!

Our first episode was Friday May 3rd and was live streamed from GuildUmbra's Twitch channel and then each of us posted it on our respective pages, here at GameSkinny, on Shoddycast and Jesse's YouTube channel, Tamriel Foundry's and Elder Scrolls Off the Record's web sites and finally on the official ESO website through their series The Tamriel Chronicle.

This upcoming second episode will be streamed again to GuildUmbra's Twitch channel, come on by and hang out! The episode will air live Friday June 21st at 8pm EST!



Episode One can be found here!


Episode Two can be found here!

Part One - Console Announcement

Published Jun. 17th 2013
  • nutella_guy
    wasnt there suposed to be a article on the queen?
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I'm waiting for it too haha. Jesse could make a hilarious post about the queen.
  • Ryan_7832
    Will it be possible to fight and raid without joining a guild? or do you have to join a guild in order to take part in this. i joined a guild but i'm curios because i have a few friends who do not feel they want to join a guild if it is avoidable.
  • Delete_myaccount
    Also I wouldn't mind paying to be able to change the color of my armor since I assume it will be buy to play.
  • House of Hadnur
    I worry of been phased out while playing with my friends, as I have heard in others talk shows. Is could you explain more about it? like if I stop playing for two days and then log in, can I still play with them doing the same quest line or dungeon?
  • S2BSloth
    Do you think it will more likely succeed on console's than on PC, Considering many of the people playing on console will be new MMO players and less critical due to having less experience of a MMO?
  • S2BSloth
    woop my question was the chosen one! lol
  • Christo_4886
    I hear news your moving the Release date farther away, I think thats a good choice should not be rushed, I have high hopes for ESO and have there been any news on Payment method? im hopping to see payment like R500 once of and then ingame mechanics and then you pay for the expansions, and will the game have an option lets say when your out of the city you dont need to go to pvp you can right click an friendly player and ask for a duel,? just for the fun :) and this is a question that i saw is popping up alot, will there be player housing and how are you planning to do that, saw that was mention in one of the videos but would like more information on that sorry for all the questions im exited about the game and i hope it becomes the new world of Warcraft a world that never stops growing , World of warcraft was gr8 but it had its time and i think this game have the potential to do it better. alot of mmorpgs are gr8 but not alot of people know each one. i want this to be world of Warcraft there is no pc player in the world that doesn't have a clue what world of Warcraft is, cant wait to see this video good luck and break a leg ,
  • Izaiah(aka. maddmaster)
    i joined the tamriel foundery about maybe 2 months ago. in hope it would improve my chances on joining the beta tests, but even after that i still didn't get to join. ;(. so my confidence is shot.
  • Nick_7100
    will there be subscription fees and if so what are we looking at for prices
  • Rohka Fire-Eye
    Elder Scrolls games have always been good in terms of character customization, with each title providing more impressive options than the last. Anyone who's played knows you could spend an hour easily just fiddling with all of the options before you even start to play!

    With ESO, what specific character customization options do you hope to see? Do you think the options will be more or less than what we had in Skyrim?

    I personally would like for there to be a) A color-wheel for choosing hair/eye color rather than presets. Why couldn't Altmer have pink hair?
    b) A more convincing weight option to change your characters body shape. In Skyrim you had skinny or buff, let us have an option for a beer gut on our characters!
  • Byrdman_1802
    Hey guys, My question is actually a rather simple one. In most MMORPGs best equipment that can be worn can only be done on high level characters. Will ESO be like the previous Elder Scrolls games where you can manage to get and use high level items like Daedra artifacts or are there going to be level requirements to use items? Strength for weapons? Dexterity for ranged? Something New?

    Either way cant wait to get into this game. All hail the ALDMERI DOMINION!!!!!
  • Chase_2477
    I know this really is not a good question but I'm really anxious and i was wondering when the next beta release will be? I have been waiting for a bit. I know it will be some time in July but I'm so anxious i want to check on that very day to see if i got in!!! :D I'm so excited for this. I was not thinking of getting this but then i watched a few videos about it and then i was hooked. I signed up for the beta immediately! I have been waiting every day for them to say the next beta wave has come. So I would really appreciate it if you would tell the people watching when the next beta wave is coming cause I do not think I'm the only one who would want to know
  • chris_3571
    My question is, will the Npcs go to sleep in their homes, like previous elder scrolls and we have to wake them up to deliver a quest, or will they be sitting there as in most mmo's?
  • Austin Darrow
    Other than the switch from single player to an MMO, what are the biggest changes we will have to adjust to from the Elder Scrolls series we know and love to ESO?
  • Brandon M
    What are some things you guys think will clearly distinguish ESO from other MMOs currently out in the market, or from MMOs that are soon to be out (i.e. Wildstar, FFXIV)? And to follow up, what do you guys think ESO has yet to do/announce/hint at that it will need to do in order to take players and market share from giants like WoW etc?
  • Delete_myaccount
    I played skyrim on PS3, and I always wanted to change the color of my armor but couldn't. Do you think we will be able to on ESO at launch? From all the gameplay video I've seen leaked and otherwise every players' armor was the same color. Even in the leaked video and info I've read they only talk about facial features, body features, height, weight etc. I want to stand out visually in appearance with my character. You will not be able to see your characters face with every helmet you acquire in the game.
  • Namyrr
    Is there a payment plan for ESO yet?
  • Amazingsherbert
    So with the MEGA-server thing but having different channels, am i gonna be defending a fort and randomly it will be captured by someone in another channel that I never even saw?
  • Ltlycan
    Hey guys ive been wondering if u choose races in a different faction or alliances can u still create guilds with people outside of ur own alliance cuz me and a bunch of friends already plan to make a guild but we all want different races so please i would very much appreciate an answer
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I wouldn't count on that. Pretty sure the factions will be very separated
  • DeroDoes
    I know I already made a suggestion, but I had to make this one visible. I've been doing my best on Twitter to make it visible, but I have been quite curious if Zenimax plans to release official forums or any sort of pre-launch activity apart from the limited, unorganized interaction that comes with social media. There is a small presence of tesof, and even a smaller one on elderscrollsforum - any words about creating more localized discussions and gaining that interaction from the community? Obviously it would raise the hype - perhaps too much - are they just waiting until release is closer? Might make a good conversation. Thanks for reading, will follow up tomorrow with you All Stars :D
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Check out
    They have a community forum for you!
  • Monkeyboogers
    do you think they've released enough information on ESO? what I mean by this is have they explained things like end game content enough? they've talked about PvP the most and even then it is still unclear. Will it be like Wintergrasp in wow?
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