10 Basics every new VainGlory player should now

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What is VainGlory?

VainGlory is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) released on November 2014 for iOS devices and on July for Android. The game is created by Super Evil Megacorp, which consist of developers from Riot, Blizzard, Rockstar, and more. The game is heavily influenced by League Of Legends especially like the bush, skins, free hero rotation and so on (so, basically, it's a League Of Legends rip-off).

VainGlory boasts precise and easy controls made for touch-screen devices. VainGlory also started drawing some attention in the eSport scene with sponsorships of Amazon and Nvidia recently.

The Jump to VainGlory

Whether you are new in this kind of game or coming from other MOBA elites like Dota 2 and LoL, VainGlory had a slight different mechanics. This list is aimed at both complete beginners and advanced players; if you are already a skilled player, it is still nice knowing the very basics of the VainGlory.

Published Dec. 7th 2015

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