Top 5 Most Creative DOOM SnapMaps

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by Synzer

The new DOOM has a feature called SnapMap, where players can create their own maps and upload them for others to play. Of course not all are gold -- Mario Maker showed me that -- but there are some really creative ones out there.

Fancy playing through a puzzle and figuring out how to reach the next room? There's a SnapMap for that. Want to fight through a map of enemies and raid bosses with different mechanics? There's a SnapMap for that. You want to take your time to grow some crops, raise demons, and battle your way to the end of a mine? You guessed it, there's a SnapMap for that as well.

I'm going to showcase the 5 most creative maps I've seen on SnapMap on Xbox One and why they are so great!

Published May. 17th 2016

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