Can Game Music Attach Itself to You?

Music in games can bring you back to other times, or it can change how you think about the music. Find out how Music in 3 very different games has affected me.

Music in games can stay with you forever, it can bring you back to happy, sad, angry, lonely [insert other emotions here] time. Music will attach itself to individuals in different ways, you will not feel the same way about the music as I do, in the following article. I simply want to explore how game music has affected me.

Music that stays with me

One of the first games I ever played was Halo (read my article on Halo here). The theme tune of Halo always fills me with the feeling of being a hero; it’s strong and powerful. The music for the last mission always leaves me feeling empty, not knowing what to expect next. All I know is that times ahead will be hard and will be meaningless in comparison to what is to come.

The entire Halo Combat Evolved Original Soundtrack.

Effects outside of the games

Another early game was Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec. The soundtrack to the game included a band called Feeder (find their YouTube channel here). Their music has always attached itself amazingly with driving. Even now if I ever have a long drive, I always love listening to Feeder. Or if I am playing any other racing games, I instinctively play some Feeder.

Pushing the Senses by Feeder

Enough of making you all feel old, Tetris.

The Tetris theme tune always gives me a smile, although said smile may have a bit of anger behind it. My dad, who does not like games, always used to beat me at Tetris, and still does. He easily cleared row upon row, without even concentrating. So for me the Tetris theme tune brings back the memories of my dad being better than me at a game, my dad…

I think everyone else wants this at their funeral also.

What video game music brings back the strongest memories for you?

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Published Oct. 24th 2014
  • GameSkinny Staff
    For me, it's always the Baldur's Gate 2 soundtrack and the recent Bastion and Transistor soundtracks.

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