Beyond: Two Souls release date confirmed for PlayStation 4

Beyond: Two Souls is making it's digital release on PS4 next week with Heavy Rain to follow next year!

Beyond: Two Souls has been given a release date of November 24th for PlayStation 4. Fortunately for all the fans, they can be playing the game as soon as next week!

The game will be released as a digital only copy through the PlayStation store, and if you didn't get the chance to play it the first time around then now is a good chance to. There are a few updates to the original PlayStation 3 title that are worth noting -- the graphics have been given an overhaul to reflect the PlayStation 4's hardware, the "Enhanced Experiments" DLC will be included, and there is the option to play the whole game again in chronological order once an initial playthrough has been completed.

The story of Beyond: Two Souls follows Jodie Holmes as she struggles to adjust to life with her supernatural powers. The game stars two of Hollywood's biggest stars, Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, and received lots of critical acclaim upon its original release in 2013. You can watch the launch trailer below.

There is also a nice incentive to purchase Beyond: Two Souls. If you do so, then you will get a discount off Heavy Rain, which will be released digitally on March 1st next year.

Are you a fan of either titles? Perhaps it will be your first time playing them! Let me know in the comments below!

Published Nov. 19th 2015

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