Innovative Shardbound Gets Instant Kickstarter Success

The game aims to bring Twitch streamers and their fans closer together.

Some developers head to Kickstarter to raise funds for their new games, while it can be a real struggle to raise the funds, some games capture people's interest and instantly take off!

This is what has happened for San Francisco Bay-based studio Spiritwalk Games and their tactical CCG Shardbound. Within the space of a day (the project was started on Feb 16th and was fully backed by 17th), backers had funded their entire $50,000 total! So now any extra funding, for the remaining 25 days, can go straight on stretch goals.

Shardbound brings elements of board-based tactical games and fuses them with your typical CCG gameplay. However, it also goes one step further. Shardbound has been specifically created for Twitch streamers and their community and aims to give them new levels of interaction with each other.

The game takes place in a high-adventure World where survivors from a huge planet-decimating event have rebuilt their civilization on huge floating islands above the remains of their planet. Smaller remains of the planet, Shards, which have been floating around in the atmosphere are starting to fall back down. While taking part in PVP matches, your aim is to take control of these shards and make a name for yourself and your House.

Shardbound is currently in private pre-alpha testing but, with the help of the Kickstarter funding, is hoping to move into Steam Early Access and public alpha testing soon. There are still many days left to give this game a boost and there is much more to read over on the campaign page about the gameplay and a specifically designed system created to allow this steamer/viewer interaction. So, head on over and consider giving the Spiritwalk Games folks a hand!


It all started with an Atari ST and here I am, all these years later, still loving video games! Indie games are where my heart is and where it'll stay. The world of indie video games is ever evolving and such an interesting arena to be a part of!

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Published Feb. 21st 2017

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