New emotes for Destiny have been revealed and they are great

New Emotes For Destiny Revealed

Starting Tuesday, Bungie will be adding micro transactions to their game Destiny. These microtransactions will be in the form of emotes. A lot of rage has been sent Bungie's way for doing this. But what do microtransactions mean for Destiny's future?

First, let's review by what will happen. There will be 18 new emotes added to the game that you will be able to buy from a new store-front. To buy these emotes you will have to use Silver, Destiny's new in-game currency, purchased with real world money. The price has not been announced for how much Silver will cost, we will have to find that out on Tuesday. But don't worry, because Bungie has stated that every player will get some Silver for free on the weekly reset. The amount is unknown, but some have speculated that it will be enough to buy at least 1 emote, maybe 2.

What do these new emotes mean for Destiny's future?

Some have said that Bungie hopes that these new microtransactions will help fund new updates that will be provided for free. By updates, they don't mean something like patch 2.0, they mean that new DLC content like The Dark Below or House of Wolves may be provided at a discount. This is, however, speculation at this point.

Today, many of the Destiny YouTuber's were sent packages that contained 5 emotes. Each YouTuber got a different set of emotes, so you will be able to see a lot of what is coming.


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Published Oct. 13th 2015

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