Film and Gaming Intersect at the TERMINUS Conference and Festival in Atlanta

From a Mario Kart field day to presentations from indie and AAA designers and developers, TERMINUS has something for every gaming enthusiast.

If you're a film, animation, art, or gaming enthusiast, you won't want to miss the TERMINUS Festival and Conference. Running from June 22-25 at the W Hotel in Midtown Atlanta, Terminus is chock full of film screenings, game demos, multi-day workshops, panels, activities, and after parties.

According to the website:

TERMINUS Conference & Festival is dedicated to empowering today’s creators by providing them with the education, experience, and opportunities they need to develop and produce entertaining and impactful work. Our event hopes to bring filmmakers, video game developers, creators and fans of all types together for an event that is not only fun - but meaningful to their development as professionals and as storytellers.

TERMINUS presents attendees with an opportunity to learn through panels dedicated to exploring both the creative and business side of filmmaking and game development. Multiday workshops offer a more in-depth view of things presented by leaders in the industry. Aspiring developers and gaming fans have a multitude of panels to choose from, including everything from a multiday workshop on narrative design to a course on building a Unity game in 90 minutes. GameSkinny will present a panel on getting into games journalism on Sunday. 

The Game Expo Hall is open to gamers and guests looking to take part in tournaments, win prizes, and watch "let's plays" on systems ranging from the ATARI all the way to the Nintendo Switch. The hall will also feature demos and conversation with indie developer finalists for the 2017 Golden Joystick Awards. 

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Published Jun. 15th 2020

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