Top 5 most underrated guns in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has a ton of really great weapons. The M8A7, Pharo, Vesper, Kuda, Man-O-War, Locus, 48 Dredge, KN-44, Argus, KRM-262, Gorgon, and Razorback would name a few. For once, the guns in Call of Duty multiplayer are half-decently balanced, yet some weapons still slip through the cracks. 

There are 5 guns in this game that a lot of players neglect because of certain properties. However, these are some of the best weapons in the game. 

The Drakon Sniper Rifle

To call this beast a sniper rifle does it no justice. From previous installments, players have learned to stay away from semi-automatic sniper rifles with names similar to Kalashnikov-Presque variants (AK-47, RPK, Dragunov). These snipers are ridiculously under-powered, taking two or three shots to kill, coupled with poor weapon accuracy (a lot of kick), and a less-than-desirable fire rate.

Remember the marksman rifles in Call of Duty: Ghosts? They bridged the gap between snipers and assault rifles with handling, fire rate, damage, and other weapon traits falling between the two classes. Although it falls below the sniper rifle category, the Drakon is a marksman rifle.

As many PC players might know, this weapon is to be used as a bullet hose. The fire rate is unbelievable and the accuracy is good enough to stay on target. Use a low zoom optic like a recon or, my favorite, the ELO sight and a suppressor (simply because they have no downside on snipers) and smash that trigger.

The MR6 Semi-Automatic Pistol

Understatement of the year award goes to the guy that says, "Pistols are good again." For whatever reason Treyarch decided to jump back on the handgun bandwagon and made sidearms extremely effective once again. 

Unfortunately, the handguns quickly received a visit from the nerf-hammer because the Call of Duty community decided to complain about it. Nevertheless, the pistols are still better than they have been in previous Call of Duty titles and should not be overlooked.

The first pistol in question is, unfortunately, the most overlooked. The MR6 is available at level one and does not require an unlock token to use. Free for the taking! 

What's so great about a semi-automatic handgun? You may have picked up this gun and attempted a short range kill. If so, you probably failed and got slaughtered. This pistol isn't made for that. This pistol has the best effective range of all the secondaries in the game.

When other handguns are getting 5 or 6 shots to kill this beast will still only take 4. The maximum amount of bullets to a kill with the MR6 is 5 where the RK5 and L-CAR 9 take 6. That makes the MR6 the handiest secondary for a sniper, LMG, or long ranged assault rifle user.


The L-CAR 9 Machine Pistol

Another blast from the past, the L-CAR 9 falls under pistols in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 but is, in reality, a machine pistol. What's interesting about this one is that it isn't like machine pistols of Call of Duty's past.

Older machine pistols were often inaccurate, low damage, and very loud. They could basically be used for the sole purpose of a backup when primary weapons ran out of ammo. The L-CAR 9, more than anything, resembles a pocket SMG.

Despite having the shortest range of the pistols and receiving the largest nerf of the pistols right off the bat, this handgun is an extremely effective weapon for short range engagements, especially stealthy ones. 

There are two ways I would recommend using this gun.

  1. Stealth mode. Run a regular assault class equipped with your favorite pub-stomping weapon - be it an SMG or AR. Run the L-CAR 9 as a secondary equipped with the suppressor attachment. When you rush too hard and end up in the enemy spawn, flip to the L-CAR 9 and you can stay off the radar while you eliminate the enemy.
  2. Sniper secondary. A lot of snipers like to run overkill and use a secondary SMG for close-quarters engagements. Using the L-CAR 9 eliminates the need for overkill as it essentially IS an SMG.

The Sheiva Assault Rifle

This weapon is starting to see more frequent use in public match, but is still widely overlooked due to it being a slow firing semi-automatic assault rifle.

What people fail to realize is that the Sheiva has incredibly high damage. There is a reason it fires so slowly. The Sheiva is the only assault rifle in-game with the ability to receive a kill with only 2 bullets. The 2 shot range isn't ridiculously short either. With long barrel the Sheiva can effectively delete enemies across the map in just 2 bullets.

Even better, if players intelligently stack high caliber on this loadout, 1 shot kills are possible across most maps as long as that shot is a headshot. Essentially, the Sheiva makes up the other side of the invisible weapon class of marksman rifles in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3



Last, but the absolute furthest from least, is the BRM. The very first LMG given to players is ironically the best in the game. Players always seem to skip the first weapons because they think they must be bad. This SO isn't the case for this monstrosity. 

The BRM has the best 3 shot kill range of any weapon in the entire game. Instantly granting a 3 shot kill, the BRM will only drop off to a 4 shot kill at the most extreme of distances - I'm about 90% sure that there isn't a distance that long in the game. 

For example: if possible, the BRM could fire from one extreme end of the map Aquarium all the way to the other, and still get a 3 shot kill. This machine is unstoppable. By stacking mobility attachments such as quickdraw, stock, rapid fire, and fast mags, this LMG can even compete with the best-of-the-best assault rifles.

Published Jan. 20th 2016


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