Hi-Rez reveals a new game mode for SMITE

SMITE's new game mode "Clash" aims to wow its player base by blending the best of "Arena" and the best of "Conquest" creating an explosive experience.

SMITE is a free-to-play MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) from Hi-Rez for PC and Xbox. The game features an over-the-shoulder view instead of a top-down view like most games in the MOBA genre. You pick from a variety of mythical gods from Anubis to Zeus and battle against other players and AI minions usually to achieve an objective to win the game.

Clash is the newest game mode available on Hi-Rez's Public Test Server for a limited time. It consists of a 5v5 battle centered on group fights and lane pushing mechanics. The map will have two lanes with traditional SMITE trimmings (Towers, Phoenixes, and Titans) with the goal of defeating the enemy Titan.


source: smitegame.com

Hi-Rez believes this new game mode will bridge the gap between their two premiere game modes ("Conquest" and "Arena"), giving players who favor a particular game mode a chance to see the appeal in the other one. The map itself will also take popular attributes from both "Arena" and "Conquest".

The large open center of the map is reminiscent of “Arena”, while the potential to take objectives and destroy towers is very much like “Conquest”.

The map is also designed to allow players the chance to approach unfamiliar mechanics while still giving them room for error.

A unique attribute to the "Clash" is that it allows players more room to experiment since the Towers do not fully cover the entire lane width.

Hi-Rez has not yet revealed an official release date for Clash on PC or Xbox but instructions and information on how to access the Public Test Server can be found here.

Hi-Rez is really excited to let its community test this new game mode. How do you feel? Leave a comment below.


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Published Jun. 15th 2020

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