Vampyr Vinyl Soundtrack, Limited Edition, and Preorder DLC Revealed

DONTNOD's upcoming action RPG will feature exclusive pre-order bonuses. Here's the rundown of what you can expect to get for each region.

DONTNOD Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive have revealed a vinyl soundtrack, as well as a limited edition for their upcoming action RPG, Vampyr. They also released information regarding the game's pre-order release and the bonus content they'll contain when the game launches on June 5. 

The vinyl soundtrack features a selection of music from Vampyr composed by Olivier Deriviere. As of this writing, the limited-edition vinyl is only available through pre-orders of the game in Europe. Whether this will change is currently unknown, but we'll update this article with the Western release when the information becomes available.

Vampyr limited edition bundle

In Germany and Australia, players can pre-order a special limited edition version of Vampyr that includes a boxed copy of the game and an exclusive limited-edition sleeve, a set of three exclusive lithographs, a double-sided poster of the in-game map and artwork, and a code for the Hunter's Heirloom DLC. It is unknown if this limited edition will be made available in other territories at a later date.

Vampyr Hunters Heirlooms DLC graphic showing sword, pistol, and man in a sherlock holmes outfit

Any players who preorder the standard edition of Vampyr will receive a code for the Hunters Heirlooms DLC. This DLC pack includes the Dragonbane sword, the Barker pistol, and the Physician Suit.

Additionally, pre-ordering Vampyr through the PlayStation Store will give players an exclusive theme.

Vampyr will launch for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on June 5. Retail and digital preorders are now available.


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Published Apr. 13th 2018

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