Top 5 Favorite Drinking Buddies in Games

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1. Ayla

Chrono Trigger

Surprised that a girl beat out all those manly party-boys on this list? Don't be: Ayla is so bro-tastic she puts them all to shame.

Let me set the stage here: you and your party warp back to 65 Million B.C., and the first thing you see is a statuesque blonde cave girl pummeling a pack of velociraptor mutants with her bare hands. When the dust clears, she immediately throws a huge cave party in your honor, complete with crazy dancing, giant prehistoric grillables, and suspiciously intoxicating "soup". We see her drain about eight man-sized bowls of it.

Afterwards she spends all day helping you partially dismantle an evil dinosaur empire by--you guessed it--beating up more dinosaurs. Then she goes back to her village presumably to party some more. And tomorrow: more dinosaur ass-kicking.

That is her life, ladies and gentlemen. An endless cycle of having awesome cave feasts, killing dinosaurs, and repeat. She's a wild Triassic bombshell. She's a walking extinction event. She parties big, fights big, and she's got a big heart for friend and foe alike. She does nothing, absolutely nothing, halfway or halfhearted. She is generosity, courage, and adventure personified. In other words, the perfect drinking buddy.

I think I'm in love.


Pigsy, from Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Conker the Squirrel, from Conker's Bad Fur Day

Augus, from Asura's Wrath

The Iron Bull, from Dragon Age: Inquisition

Zeke Dunbar, from Infamous 1 & 2

Sergeant Johnson, from the Halo series


Published Jun. 24th 2015

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