5 Easy Ways to Make a Lot of Money in Black Desert Online

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Whether you're an advanced adventurer trying to upgrade some boss gear or a complete newcomer to the game, you’ll always need silver in Black Desert Online. And it's not just helpful for gear. From upgrading your house to buying beer for your workers, you need all the silver you can get. To help you get that next upgrade or buy a new armor piece, here are 5 easy ways to make a lot of money in Black Desert Online.


  • Around 50 energy
  • 100,000 silver
  • A minimum of 10 contribution points
  • All the beer you can get
  • Up to 500 million silver a week
  • valuable resources for life skills
Setting it up

Workers can gain you a really nice amount of money and are usually essential if you want to train life skills such as cooking, processing, or alchemy. The best thing about workers is that out of all the money making methods in the game, this one requires the least amount of effort once you set it up.

All you need to do is invest in a couple of nodes, get some workers and watch them do all the hard work for you. if you don’t know how to set up nodes, here is a handy guide on how to do just that.

Investing in these nodes will give you useful materials.

For workers, just press the “NPC” button next to your mini-map and press the button “worker.” This will set a waypoint to the nearest work supervisor where you can hire your workers. Viewing a worker costs 5 energy, and hiring it costs around 10,000 silver. If you’re just starting your work empire, I would highly suggest only hiring workers from the skilled tier or higher, as they give you a significant amount of extra profit, while only requiring a bit more energy to obtain.

After that, select one of the nodes you invested in, select a worker, then press “start work,” and you’re good to go. Whenever you are online in the game the worker will gather resources for you. Every now and then check on your worker and give him some beer and he’ll be good to go for quite some time.


  • Silver Embroidered Craftsman's Clothes
  • Potatoes / Corn / Wheat / Barley / Sweet Potatoes (preferably gathered by workers)
  • Up to 3 million silver an hour
  • Processing EXP
Setting it up

Processing is a very easy and profitable life skill to master if you have the resources for it. To start processing, chopping timber or melting ore are very good ways of making money, but for this example, we’ll go with grinding the potatoes that you can get from the nodes in the previous slide. This is one of the more unknown ways of making money by processing, but also one of the most profitable ways, especially when you’re just starting.

To start processing, put your materials in your inventory and go to the “Produce” window that can be accessed from either the menu or your inventory. When you’re there press the “Grinding” button then select your materials and press start. If your weight limit allows it, you should be good for hours. So get yourself some food, watch a movie, or go out and explore the real world.

When you finally come back to your computer, your inventory should be filled with potato flour. You can sell the flour directly on the marketplace for a good amount of cash or save it for later, to use in cooking recipes.


Imperial Crafting Delivery

  • Skilled 1 Cooking
  • Residence
  • Cooking utensil
  • Cooking ingredients
  • Up to 15 million silver an hour
  • Shiny Golden Seal
  • Contribution points
  • Beer
  • Milk
  • Cooking EXP
Setting it up

The Imperial Crafting delivery is one of the most profitable money making methods in all of Black Desert Online. With that said, there are some downsides to this method. First of all, it’s only partially AFK and requires some more experience and time to set this method up. The good part is that when you get the hang of this method, you’ll be swimming in silver.

For this example, we’ll go for Omelette Crates. (You will need professional 1 cooking for this.) First of all, place a cooking utensil in your residence and start making as many omelets as possible. 1 omelet recipe requires 5 potatoes, (or other grain) 5 eggs, 2 olive oil, and 2 salt. If you use the nodes from the second slide, you should already have some eggs and potatoes in your storage, so simply put those in your inventory. The salt and olive oil can be bought from your nearest innkeeper for a very low cost.

When you’ve got your ingredients, Simply go to your cooking utensil put in the right amount of ingredients and press “Continuous Production” when all your omelets are ready the easy part is over.

The Imperial Crafting Delivery can be a little tricky to use at first, but after a couple of times, there should be no problems at all. The catch is that she will only accept 50 of each specific crates per 3 hours (1 in-game day). This means that timing can be very important if the crate you are trying to turn in is really popular. Luckily, the Omelette crate doesn’t get much traffic, so you shouldn’t have all that many problems with turning it in.

The best way of turning in the crates would be putting a wagon in front of the Imperial Delivery (you can find her using the "NPC" button) and getting out the right amount of Ingredients for one or two crates, depending on your weight limit (40 omelets for 1 crate). Then, go to the “Produce” window, and press the “Imperial Cuisine” button; after that, select your Ingredients and start. Your crates should be done in a couple of seconds. When they’re done, turn them in, bring your money to the storage, and repeat. You’ll be rich before you know it.

Heating Weapons

  • Professional 1 Processing
  • A minimum of 500 LT. weight limit
  • 500,000 Silver
  • Up to 7.5 million silver an hour
  • Processing EXP
  • Valuable crafting materials
Setting it up

Weapon Heating is one of the most straightforward methods there is. All you’ll really have to do is clear your inventory, buy a bunch of Rosar axes from the marketplace, and start heating them from the "Produce" menu. They will give you a bunch of Melted Iron shards and Trace of Memories. Enough to give you quite a bit of profit, but nothing special.

The real money hides itself in pure zinc shards that have a value of around 100,000 silver. The axes itself cost around 35,000 silver, and the chance of gaining a pure zinc shard is in between 20 to 30%. This means every 3 to 5 axes that you heat, you’ll gain an additional 100,000 silver profit, making this a very underrated and easy method of making silver in Black Desert Online -- especially because it requires little to no time to set it up.



  • According AP to your grinding spot
  • A lot of silver depending on your spot and clear speed
  • Drop only accessories and armor
  • Rare Items
  • Combat EXP
  • Contribution Points (If you do daily quests)
Tips for grinding

When it comes to grinding, there is no real best spot to grind because the profit heavily relies on your play style, gear, whether you are in a party or not, and how crowded the place is. With that said, there are a few places that do stand out and definitely deserve to be mentioned.

Pre lvl. 50, Sounil camp will net you the most amount of money, with around 6 million an hour due to its insane mob density. From lvl. 50-55, either Helms or Abandoned Iron Mine will give you a nice profit -- up to 10 million an hour.

Past lvl. 56, things get a bit different. All spots will net you a lot of silver, and though Sausan Garrison and Pirate Island are the most consistent in terms of silver because they don't rely on lucky drops.

However, the single best spot to grind is the Gyfin Rhasia Temple. It will net you a bare minimum of 15 million, up to 45 million silver each if you’re lucky. However, the place has some outrageous gear requirements and needs to be ground in a full party to succeed. If you want to try and grind here, be prepared; it is tough, but very rewarding and a lot of fun.

Guide for grinding at the Gyfin Rhasia Temple

The best tip I can give you when it comes to grinding in the late game is just to pick a spot you like. Grinding isn’t AFK like most other methods for making silver, so you might as well make the best out of it. Grinding in a party can help with this as well. Grouping up and talking to each other is a nice way to make the grinding more enjoyable, but also can increase your profit and EXP gain when you're not clearing all that efficiently. So wherever you grind, just make sure you enjoy it. Don't make it a chore because that is not what this game is meant to be.


I hope these methods will help you achieve your next goal in Black Desert Online, and increase your bank significantly. For more Black Desert Online guides, stay tuned to GameSkinny!

Published Feb. 13th 2018

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