Original Pokemon games re-releasing on virtual console

The original Pokemon games are coming back!

The Nintendo Direct event gave a lot of new information featuring information on a ton of games slated for the end of the year and a good portion of 2016. In the midst of explaining a lot of the new titles coming to the Nintendo 3DS and the eShop, Bill Trinen took a moment to announce that the original Pokémon games: Red, Blue, and Yellow, would be finally arriving on the 3DS Virtual Console.

He promised that the games are going to stay as true to the originals as possible, meaning that linking and trading Pokémon will have to make an appearance of some sort! Luckily, the games will allow you to battle and trade without the need for a link cable. 

And if all of that doesn't have you feeling nostalgic enough yet, the games are being re-released on February 27th, 2016. Does the date sound familiar? It's actually the original launch day of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue in the United States back in 1996!

Published Nov. 13th 2015

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