New FPS keyboard and mouse for the PlayStation 4

Japan will be retailing a Tactical Assault Controller for the PS3 and PS4, making FPS games easier for PC gamers.

For many gamers who are accustomed to playing their first-person-shooter (FPS) games on the PC with a keyboard and mouse, the transition to playing on the PlayStation 4 might be much easier now that a tactical keyboard and mouse has been released for the console. The keyboard is releasing in Japan first at a pretty hefty price of ¥14,904 Yen, or $120 USD, and will be available at some retailers on November 30th. 

The Tactical Assault Commander

If you prefer a keyboard and mouse to using a controller, then purchasing the Tactical Assault Commander is probably your best idea. This new control accessory for the PlayStation 4 is also usable on the PlayStation 3, and features the normal arrow keys as well as some special keys for FPS games. 

Among the special keys are "Snipe," "Quick key," and "Walk key." Also included is a PlayStation button and a D-pad that resembles the dual shock.

Since the price is originally in Yen, the controller add-on will be most likely available in Japan first and foremost, and hopefully come to North America in due time. 

Would you buy the Tactical Assault Controller? Do you think it would enhance your console gameplay?

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Published Jul. 27th 2015

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