Binding of Isaac Turns 3 Today: Available on Steam for $0.74

The Binding of Isaac Turns 3 today, and Steam is celebrating by putting it on sale for $0.74.

On the official blog for the game, Edmund McMillen, announced that Isaac turned 3 today, and in honor of his birthday the game is now available on Steam for just $0.74 all day. With The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth just around the corner, McMillen is also offering a discount on the next game today in celebration.

The Binding of Isaac is an independent game from Edmund McMillen - the mind behind Super Meat Boy - that came out three years ago on Steam. McMillen began the game as a free project to occupy time, and it combines elements of Legend of Zelda gameplay, religious themes, and rogue-like dungeon generation to keep players entertained playthrough after playthrough. On the blog, McMillen also posted an interview wherein he discusses the inspirations behind The Binding of Isaac and its upcoming remake.

The Binding of Isaac was a shocking success on Steam, following in the wake of McMillen's first indie game: Super Meat Boy. The game approaches themes of religion, isolation, and gaming without fear and spares nothing on gore and vulgarity.

Reviews for the first installment have been mostly positive, with critics lauding the game for its unflinching approach at tackling controversial topics such as religion, the purpose of gaming, isolation, mysticism, and the brutality of life. Excitement is also high for the release of Rebirth in November.

The Isaac birthday celebration only lasts for today, so if you don't already own the game head over to Steam and download it. If you do own it, get it for a friend so they can be ready when Rebirth releases.

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Published Sep. 29th 2014

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