AMD Talks Upcoming Hardware at the E3 PC Gaming Show 2016

AMD talks new about their new GPUs, and CPUs coming soon at the E3 PC Gaming Show.

At the E3 PC Gaming Show 2016 Lisa Su, the President and CEO of AMD, calculated her way onto the stage to talk about upcoming AMD GPUs and CPUs.

On the GPU front the Polaris architecture is aiming to provide enthusiast performance, but at a budget cost. While the on the CPU side, the Zen APUs are aiming to provide high end performance to everyone else, with the Summit Ridge FX line.

Also talked about is a VR backpack, which is a whole PC you can wear. This allows for using VR without the worry of tripping over wires, or if you just want to PC game on the go. This backpack will be powered the by the new GPU line:

  • RX480 - priced at $199 it will be released on June 29th. With 2304 stream processors, clocked at 1266Mhz, and with 4 or 8GB VRAM.
  • RX470  - a price or specs have not yet been revealed, but naturally expect them to be a bit lower than the 480. 
  • RX460 - Is an eSports focused card, and again expect a slightly lower spec and price.

The Zen APUs will have two variants, the performance end with the Summit Ridge, and the average consumer focused Bristol Ridge.

With such low prices, and high specs, is it time for Nvidia to take heed?

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Published Jun. 14th 2016

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