Incoming Call: Bloober Team Teases Possible Observer 2

An odd tweet from developer Bloober Team indicates we're getting something new in the Observer universe.

After previously stating a sequel was not in the works, Bloober Team may have reversed course on a follow-up to 2017's futuristic horror thriller Observer. The development crew posted a cryptic video tweet in a clear Observer style that references Chiron Incorporated.

There also appears to be a call back to protagonist Daniel Lazarski, as the binary code in the video reads "Daniel are you there?" 

It's unclear how a sequel would work after the death of Rutger Hauer, the acclaimed actor who voiced the augmented Detective Lazarski and was a major component of Observer. Bloober Team hasn't said anything definitive yet, so it's possible we may be getting a major update or something else involving the original game rather than an actual sequel.

The development crew switched gears after Observer to release the mad painter follow-up Layers Of Fear 2 and then took a dip into licensed IP territory with a rendition of Blair Witch

Are you hoping for an Observer 2? Let us know if you loved the dystopian near-future noir original and what you think Bloober Team is working on next!

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Published Jan. 24th 2020

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