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With the recent announcement of new Lego Dimensions characters, packs, and modes being added to the game, it might be getting a little difficult to keep track of them all. So I've listed (and ranked) them instead so you don't have to!

These rankings are based upon a character's uniqueness, how fun each character looks to play, as well as the relative fame of each character. With that being said, let's dive right in.  

Sloth (The Goonies)


I am speechless on this one. I not sure who thought this would be a good idea. Sure, the thought of having Sloth interact with his idol Superman is a good sentiment in theory, but...why?

The Goonies is a pretty famous movie, but I don't think it was famous enough to be included in Lego Dimensions -- let alone with only the embodiment of parental neglect and torture. If anything, where is the rest of the gang?

Surely they could have chosen a better movie. Where is Indiana Jones? I would rather play as members of the Breakfast Club than this. (There's your next big idea for new characters, Lego?)

Abby Yates (Ghostbusters)

Look I have nothing against the new Ghostbusters reboot -- in fact, I openly respect it. However, the reason Abby is so low on this list is because of the fact that she looks like she will play the same way as the previous Ghostbusters, without any new style of play nor weapons. I could be wrong, but from what I see so far, she doesn't look like she will add anything new to the game.

B.A. Baracus (The A-Team) and Ethan Hunt (Mission: Impossible)


It's not about if you can add a character, it's more about should you add a character. These two don't seem like they will add much to the world of Dimensions and are just there to represent different franchises.

Also, are we sure kids would know who either of these characters are?

E.T. (E.T.)

Another 80s movie -- what a surprise.

E.T. can be a interesting character, if implemented properly. He could use his alien powers to levitate objects and fly. Hopefully, he will be able to shoot Reese's Pieces as projectiles.

Gizmo/Stripe (Gremlins)

I feel it is a bit strange how there is a theme of 80s movies being added to Dimensions, but I digress. With Gizmo, there is a lot of potential here. He could play like the hulk where he could splash himself with water, and turn into Stripe. This could then double his stats for a period of time. Plus, I really like the emphasis they put in the contrast between Stripe and Gizmo in the character design.

Beast Boy (Teen Titans Go!)

While I am not a fan of Go!, I am a fan of the original Teen Titans. Beast Boy will be able to shift into any animal, making him a difficult opponent to fight. He could potentially turn into a flying animal, and make puzzle solving a whole lot easier. Hopefully, he will be able to turn into different animals from different franchises and give Kirby a run for his money. 

Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic series)

So much potential here. Green Zone Hill level packs? Tails and Knuckles figures? Sonic will fit in with these characters easily with his lightning fast speed and quick wit. Plus it's about time Sonic was in good games....

Gotta go fast.

All Wizards (Harry Potter Franchise)

Because wizards.

I couldn't really choose a favorite here because I like them all so much, so I put it as a tie. But oh man, so many to choose from: Harry, Voldemort, Newt, etc. And there's so many possibilities, such as flying around the map, and having magic battles with everyone. So cool.

The reason this is not number one is because we have had the chance to experience the magic in previous Lego games, so I thought a newcomer should take that spot.

Finn and Jake (Adventure Time)

Come on -- did you really think my top choice wasn't going to be Adventure Time? The smash hit Cartoon Network show has been dying to be turned into a Lego video game. While the show has had several games already, they never quite captured the feel of the show. In Lego Dimensions Finn and Jake look awesome, and seem like they popped out directly from the show. The team really nailed the art style with the battle mode too, plus Jake's stretchy powers will come in handy while solving puzzles and fighting enemies.

Check out this video to see the new gameplay features of Dimensions.

What do you think of the new characters and our rankings of them? Let me know in the comments. 

Published Jun. 15th 2016

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