Sega Once Again Teases Vanquish PC Release

Sega once again teases the long-awaited PC release of the 2010 third-person shooter Vanquish with a new image on the company's official Twitter account.

Today, the official Sega Twitter Sega Twitter released an image with a symbol from Platinum Game's 2010 third-person shooter action game Vanquish. Text in the corner of the image reads "2017," while the symbol shown is the logo of the Order of the Russian Star, the primary antagonists of Vanquish.

This image comes after a smaller tease in an April 24th update for the PC version of Bayonetta where an image of a character from Vanquish was added to the game's "Extras" folder.

When or if the PC release of Vanquish will be officially announced is still unknown at the moment, but for now, fans can only hope that the fast paced, over-the-top action shooter will be available on the platform soon.

Vanquish was originally released in 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Fans have been hoping it will be the next Platinum Games' developed title to release on PC after the long awaited PC release of Bayonetta on April 11 exclusively on Steam.

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Published May. 8th 2017

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