Technomancer E3 2016 trailer debuts

The Technomancer's new trailer showcases visuals that players can see at Focus Home Interactive's E3 booth.

Just a little while ago, Focus Home Interactive launched the new trailer for upcoming game The Technomancer, which will be playable at its E3 2016 booth.

The trailer opens with visuals on the barren wasteland of Mars, which houses Earth’s displaced children in the game. Throughout the trailer, Frijid Pink’s cover of House of the Rising Sun offers up a gritty, rebellious vibe.

In this sci-fi RPG developed by Spider Studios, corporations fight for water on the surface of the red planet, but hidden beneath are different groups working to survive or mutants disfigured by the sun’s radiation. The player, as the Technomancer, will find these people in unexplored cracks of the planet.

In the game, the Technomancer, or mage-warrior, has the ability to harness electrical power, a trait that is amplified by their cybernetic implants.

The player travels through the game with companions, and chooses among different actions to resolve quests. The game will offer action-oriented combat gameplay and customization via four skill trees. Players will have to distinguish which actions are most appropriate to solve problems and move the story along.

The planet’s destiny is in the Technomancer’s hands. However, along with way and during the War of Water, questions about the Technomancer’s own past will be discovered.

The Technomancer comes out June 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Published Jun. 10th 2016

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